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I try to register but are stuck on the page

To register we need following info and a simple verification,

  • 1. Valid email address
  • 2. Your country of residence.
  • 3. A new password by your choices only contain number and letters. Please do not use special characters of any kind.

When you click the SUBMIT a email confirmation code is required. Please check your email inbox or spam folder for the one time code we just sent to you.

Where can I find my user details?

When you have logged in you will find the user icon on top-bar.

Here you can change your password, country and activate the Google login Authorization what is highly recommended to use.

For any change you make you need to type a one time PIN sent to your email.

I forgot my password

If you forgot your password we can send you a new generated password to your email address.

Where can I find my user details?

After login you will find the user icon on top-bar right side.

Here you can update your password, country and name.

For any change of importance you need to type a onetime PIN sent to your email.

How do I add my cashout details?

After login go to your profile. If this is your first time, the right area below "Payment Details" will show no data.

Click on the ADD MORE PAYMETHOD button and fill in all currency you will be using.

Can I edit my email address?

Email is used to identify your account and can not be changed.
However if you are having problem receiving our PIN emails we suggest you try whitelist our email domain name,,, or contact your email provider to help on this.

In worse case we can change your email for you BUT you will need to have access to the old email to verify you manually by support.

We can not change any email that is no longer workable.

What deposit methods do you accept?

We offer 37 types of deposit in different popular coins and 3 USD deposit types. You can view the full list inside your member account on the selector for payment options.

Can I earn money referring my friends?

Yes, you can earn 5% on any deposit your referrals make to their BootTrader account

To invite your friends simply use your personal referral link for them to register following ways

  • 1. Copy the link and send it to their email direct.
  • 2. Use our INVITE function with a pre-filled email.
  • 3. Use our banner material to create a banner signature on forums and blogs.

User who click on your personal link, then register the site will automatic become your referral.

When can I cashout my referral commission?

Referral commission are instant credited to your balance in same currency your referral to pay with.

Any commission will be paid out in same currency they were received. Example, your friend made a deposit using BTC, then your commission will also be paid in BTC. We do not exchange currency between.

You can cashout any time you have the minimum requirement of $10 USD or equal to $10 USD in other currency.

Where can I find my referrals?

When you have logged in you will find the AFFILIATE in the topbar menu.

On this page you have full details on any referrals signed up on your affiliate link and earnings from them.

Your personal referral link are in left column together with buttons to Invite page and banner materials.

My referral does not show?

If your friend signed up but not show on your list they probably did not use your personal referral link or their browser block for our use of cookies

You can contact support to get this friend connected to you. Just provide the friends account ID or their email in a request.

How often can I cash out?

You can cashout any time you reach the minimum amount of $10 USD or equal in coin value the same.

I made a cashout, when will I receive it?

That will depend on the currency you use. If you use on of our tree USD pay-method this will be paid Instantly to your pay-processor.

If you use any type of coin this will typical take 1-10 hours from request for final confirmation on your coin address.

I use BTC but want to cashout to ETH, is that possible?

Sorry not, we do not exchange Bootrader earnings or referral commission for you. You can exchange at our exchange site after payment has been made or using any other exchange service by your choice.

I want to change my cashout address?

You can anytime change your payment address from your profile page as long you have access to your email to receive the PIN verification code sent upon request.

What is BootTrader and what it does?

BootTrader is a highly sophisticated software program developed over the last 2 years of highly skilled programmers on our team.

The program gather continually data from all top known exchangers and use this data to execute pair trading across multiply exchange services on multiply coin pairs.

With use of the vulnerability on todays many exchangers by cross-compare data gathered, weight trading volume, trendline and possible outcome together with our analyst code (bootTrader) we create our success. Mostly we reach several hundreds orders per hour most part automatic executed with limited human interference needed.

Can I get access to your code and use it?

Our code can of course not be revealed in details nor can it be contributed among others as this would mean the end of our own success.


How long is my deposit active?

Deposit to your BootTrader is always active, will never expire except if you request to cancel your plan, we can do this for you after 12 month by submit enquiry.

How fast will my BootTrader activate after deposit?

The 3 USD pay-methods are all instant setup to activate using payprocessor API

For any coin deposit your BootTrader will activate shortly after transactions has final confirmed on the Blockchain networks.

Time for blockchain confirmations can vary a lot and depend 100% on the speed of mining. We require between 6 and 12 confirmations depend on what coin type you use.

Can I deposit using different coin types?

You can deposit to your BootTrader using any coin type or currency we support.

The system will recognise this and adjust BootTrader Level and earning level to match your total balance translated and displayed in USD

Still your history transactions page will show details for each specific deposit in each type coin used

I made my 2nd deposit but are still level 1?

Your Earning level will adjust automatic a few times a day and reflect your total BootTrader level for all future earnings.

Will the earning levels change?

No, the current earning levels will not change in the future but remain stable.

How does the exchange work?

Creating a coin exchange order is simple and done in a few simple steps. All it require is a working email address from you and your payment.


  • 1. Select the coin from/to and type amount you want to send. The result will show you what you get.
  • 2. Type your email address and submit the form. You will receive a one time PIN to fill in.
  • 3. After successful insert your PIN you will be taken to the checkout page with the order details. Make sure you pay the exact same coin amount shown on your order to the correct address.
  • 4. When payment is done, click on the complete button and wait to receive your coin. We will send you an email soon your order has been final executed.


Are there any cost?

There are no fee or hidden cost. The value you see in the exchange box is the amount you pay and receive.

The prices are live taken from online exchangers and will be updated every 5 minutes.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to cancel an exchange order if for some reason the coin price requested is not updated correct by a failure from 3rd party site. In such case you will be informed and returned the full payment already made.

How long does it take to get my coin?

A normal order is executed in the time-interval 1 hour to maximum of 12 hours. There are several factors to include such as time of arrival of your payment what also need blockchain confirmations and the time to make a new transfer to you, also need confirmation on the blockchain.


I sent a payment but still not received my coins?

If it has been more than 12 hours please open a support ticket and include all your transaction details, coin address and amount sent.

If you sent a wrong coin amount the process can be halted until we are certain of who is the sender. In worse case we can not identify an transaction correct we may return the original transfer received.

What is Grailum coin?

grailum cryptocurrency

Grailum coin is created in the spirit of the good old genius of Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin blockchain to bring back what it really was meant to be before several instances changed its true nature and purpose by creating segwit, BCH, slowing it down and make it vulnerable.

Bitcoin was originally meant to scale on-chain, added a forced hard limit to increase as the network expands. Those who opposed against never understood the true forces. Technology grows at an exponential rate. This is expressed in both Moore's Law and The Law of Accelerating Returns. Bitcoin should scale on-chain so that everyone can use it as cash comparable to Visa/Mastercard. Unfortunately too many was against this for own interest.

We can not re-create Bitcoin or call us Bitcoin but Grailum will be build and honor the true call of Bitcoin and ensure the livity of the blockchain technology lives on. We will supervise and provide the code to ensure this is strictly enforced. Still any code will be open for any to work on.

If you are unaware of what is going on in the Bitcoin community there are some very good articles written by Sterlin Lujan and John Blocke to read.

How many coins are currently available?

There are currently 2,500,000 coin for sale and will increase as time pass and coins get mined.

Can I mine Grailum?

Currently only we mine Grailum. It require large resources to final free the software for mining and not run into the 51% attack before we are all prepared. It has to be carefully planned and done in small save steps.

When will Grailum hit the exchangers?

Once again, this is all about preparation ahead. Soon we have secured the base we will be ready to register the main exchangers. A estimated best guess will be in first half year of 2019.

Will Grailum price rise?

When Grailum start hit the exchangers the fate of price is sole to the marked and request to buy. We will have no influence on the marked price. However since we offer the first 500,000 coins to a lucrative low 20 cents per coin we believe great gains can be made by individuals.

Is Grailum the new Bitcoin?

No, Bitcoin is unique on its own. Our hope is that we can contribute with a same unique solution without being a competitor what is never our purpose. We believe there are plenty of room for both coins and other.

I bought Grailum, can I sell it again?

Soon Grailum hits the exchangers you can. Until then you should see it as an investment with hopefully a good return on price.

What is coin wallet?

Many coin owners are holding cryptocurrency for the long hold with hope the value from coin to FIAT increase and give them a profit.
We call this "Sleeping Coins" as they never actually increase their balance but rather stay the same.

With you can deposit your sleeping coins and earn an annual interest for letting them stay. Now your coin not only depend on coin/Fiat price but also increase its value itself.

sleeping cryptocurrency

How much interrest do I earn on my deposit?

You will earn annually 4.7% annually paid to your balance every 30 day.

What coins do you support?

Currently we support 37 different coins. You can view the full list inside your member account.

Are there any cost assosiated with sending or receiving transfers?

You pay 0.5% on sending transfer out of the account while there are no cost receiving transfers.

Can I use as a normal coin wallet?

No, Since is not a regular cryptocurrency wallet but rather a deposit account, we strongly suggest not use it for daily transactions to limit transaction numbers.

How can I deposit?

Deposit can only be done by yourself using the deposit page.

How can I send coins?

Sending coin can be done to any valid cryptocurrency address in all coins supported by us.

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